James Caan launches Hamilton Bradshaw Renewables Capital

02 Oct James Caan launches Hamilton Bradshaw Renewables Capital

Hamilton Bradshaw Capital Partners, co-founded by James Caan CBE and Adrian Bradshaw, are delighted to announce the setup of a new investment business targeting the Renewables Sector called Hamilton Bradshaw Renewables Capital (“HBRC”). They will be joined as founder partners by James Barrett-Miles, a renewable energy corporate finance expert with over 15 years’ experience of the renewable energy sector through senior transaction advisory and commercial roles at Ernst & Young and BP.

HBRC has been set up to support the huge structural change ongoing in mature and emerging global energy and sustainable consumer products markets. Traditional hydrocarbon based centralised energy market models are being rapidly replaced by the rise of clean decentralised energy and the increasingly sophisticated ways such scarce energy resources are monitored, controlled and optimised. Equally consumer sentiment is increasingly being influenced by the sustainability credentials of products and services that they choose to buy.

Therefore energy and sustainability will become key strategic issues at Board level and they will increasingly be seen as material license to operate issues. HBRC believes this rapid sector evolution will lead to huge opportunities across the value chain for new innovative entrepreneurial companies.

HBRC believes there is a real opportunity to provide value adding support to the sector by investing with our co-funders at the early growth stage (pre or early revenue), whilst also providing on-going strategic advice and supporting operational growth. We look to support all subsequent funding rounds, leading to a clear platform towards exit via an IPO or trade sale.

HBRC is excited to be operating in such a dynamic and rapidly evolving sector and for the potential to work with a wide range of innovative owner-managed businesses.

James Caan CBE said;

“I’m delighted to launch the HBRC brand as one of our key investment sector vehicles alongside Real Estate, Recruitment and Capital Partners. The sector is undergoing significant change and is set to be increasingly important for government and corporates as energy price, security and sustainability become key license to operate issues for all boardrooms. Just as important for me is the fact we’re supporting entrepreneurial businesses to realise their true potential, which is absolutely at the core of Hamilton Bradshaw’s ethos.”
Adrian Bradshaw (Director) said:
“HBRC will address the growing need for early stage funding that’s driven by structural changes in the energy industry and consumer sentiment. We believe HBRC offers a unique business model covering the whole investment spectrum from early stage funding to infrastructure funding. The background of our directors and operating partners in successfully achieving realisations through IPO and trade sales makes HBRC a valuable partner for entrepreneurs.”

James Barrett-Miles (Director) said;

“This is a sector with momentum and dynamism where new business models, products and services are being driven by innovative entrepreneurial growth companies. HBRC and its funding partners’ vision is to provide growth funding and strategic guidance to help these businesses realise their full potential. I am truly excited by the opportunity to leverage the Hamilton Bradshaw brand within such an exciting and rapidly evolving global market.”

Notes to editor:

Hamilton Bradshaw Renewables Capital (‘HBRC’) is a newly established Principal Investment business focused on the growing global renewables and sustainability sectors. It has been co-founded by James Caan, Adrian Bradshaw and James Barrett-Miles.
HBRC seeks to invest with our co-funders in companies at the early growth stage (pre or early EBITDA), whilst also providing on-going strategic advice and supporting operational growth. We look to lead initial and all subsequent funding rounds, providing a clear platform towards exit via an IPO or trade sale.
For more information visit our website (hbrcapital.co.uk) or contact us on the numbers below:
James Barrett-Miles +44 (0) 207 399 6794
Adrian Bradshaw +44 (0) 207 399 6745